Day House Inc.

At Day House, we are dedicated towards two things, customer satisfaction and personal & professional development of all our employees. We exude an atmosphere conducive for professional excellence at our facility. We provide a platform that helps our employees to reach their full potential. Our work culture revolves around a relaxed yet focused etiquette, encouraging our employees to innovate. We place a great deal of emphasis on employee fulfilment, respect for diversity and respect for each other. Achieving great results means supporting and investing in our people. At Day House, employees are an integral part of our growth story and success. We acknowledge employees as key drivers of growth and invest in our people as much as we invest in our businesses. Training and development of our people is a foundation to our growth and we do it by in-house and out-of-company training. We ensure that the employees are provided with challenging work environment and simultaneously empower them. Employees in the organization are given an opportunity to perform their best, explore their potential and match personal growth with that of the company's.

“Human Resource is our most valuable asset”

We at Day House, give utmost importance to human resource. We believe in personal and professional development of our employees. Human Resource department is flexible & believes in customization. Career Planning & Growth is on the top of our agenda hence we customize career paths and retention plans according to the unique needs of the organization & individuals. We strongly believe on Performance Management System & always explore and tap high potential at Group level to meet the new challenges & Competition. Our main tool is Training & Development of Talent at various levels. We believe in personal touch in our all dealings with our people. Our work environment is a professional one with personal touch.

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